Tutorial: How to do Pink Purple Ombre Nail art

Do you need an easy nail design? I suggest you to give a try to pink purple ombre nail art. This nail design is very easy. When you have required things then you would be able to create it quickly. So, let’s check tutorial.

How to Do Pink Purple Ombre nail art?

Here are some steps that help you to create a fantastic nail design for enhancing your hand charm.

  1. Apply pink nail polish on your nails. Let your nail polish dry for a few minutes.
  2. Pick glittery nail polish and then apply a single coat of it on your pink base. Again wait for a few minutes.
  3. Grab purple nail paint and apply a single coat of it. Give it some time to get dried.
  4. It’s time to apply a second coat of purple nail polish. You need to apply it only at one half section of nail.
  5. Pick glittery polish and apply its coat again.
  6. Once your nail polish dries, you should apply top coat for adding glam to nails and also to keep your nail design intact.

Important Tips for Pink-Purple Ombre nail art

  • You should try to create a clean ombre design.
  • Purple shade should be a little darker than pink paint.
  • Don’t try this nail paint in hurry otherwise you won’t be able to get perfect design.
  • Whenever you apply a coat of nail polish, you should wait for a few minutes just to dry it.
  • Don’t forget to clean nail paint from sides of your nail as you have to get clean look.

Follow these simple tips and steps and create an attractive pink purple ombre nail art design.