Three of the Handiest Makeup Kits for Girls

With many makeup companies launching new kits every year, it is becoming hard to compare the quality and functionality of the products these days; however, there are some handy makeup kits for girls that are economical and useful.

April Love Pro Academy Makeup Kit

This kit is very special because it has so many eye shadow palettes that you will confuse which one to wear with the dress.  It is being used by professional makeup artists as well because it contains high quality shades that can help in a variety of facial and body art. The versatility of the colors makes this kit very ideal for those girls who love to play with makeup shades and rely on art to look beautiful, unique and different.

Shany Makeup Kits for Girls

The brand is offering so many useful makeup kits for girls.  The simple kit contains three to four tiers of makeup accessories such as eye shadows, lip glosses, brushes and foundation base.  You will be surprised that the foundation bases are very compact that they can be used on different times without using anything extra or without mixing anything else. The glosses are shinny and fruity, but if you ever need to add glitter to your lips you can do it by investing on additional glittery lipsticks in matte shades.

M4B Pro Makeup kits for girls

These kits are professional and highly handy. You can try neutral makeup and natural makeup by using the eye shadow palettes of M4B pro besides trying some glamorous makeovers. Keep in mind that the kits for neutral makeup are kept separated in a separate palette for your ease.  The foundations being offered by M4B are smooth and non-greasy. However, if you are looking to get a foundation for dry skin you might want to pick one with the moisturizer.