The Biggest and the Brightest in Online Gambling 2012

The gambling industry has again surpassed expectations for another year. Of course, there are losers and winners. However, the United States remains the top gambling destination in the world. This is because of its $105 billion revenues from gambling in the year 2012 alone.China and Nevada move up following Macau. Despite the ban and limiting its brick and mortar casinos to Macau, the country is still able to draw $50 billion. Does it mean that US has to take double time in its effort to legalize online blackjack, poker and other Internet-based casino to take a bigger share from the virtual gambling realm?

According to the H2 Gambling Capital, the US only gained about 3.3 percent of its 2012 revenues from Internet gambling. This is quite surprising considering the fact that there are already about 100 million Americans playing online blackjack on their mobiles which equates to a 42 percent increase in the gambling spends in the last four years. Even the could agree with this claim. Meanwhile, jurisdictions with more relaxed laws are unstoppably luring new gamblers and enjoying the highly lucrative business. Among their top Togel stakes are the British and the Nordic countries. The British got about 21 percent of the gambling share from their virtual games. It was also revealed that one woman out of every five men spends roughly 14 months of their lives betting and playing blackjack and roulette online.

On the other hand, Nordic countries are the biggest surprise. This is because they have earned about $8.5 billion in revenues from gambling in 2012 where 30.3 percent come from real money Internet based games like blackjack online. Sweden turned out to have the biggest players as its government maintains a monopoly in their Internet gambling market. In contrast,Korea remains the weakest industry player despite their Gangnam Style hit. Similarly,Australia’s igaming market is going down. In fact, it loses about $1,300 USD every year on its online slots, roulette and blackjack. The global igaming market is here for good, there is no doubt about it. With this, jurisdictions that take this business as being a trouble rather than a profit generator have to think again.