Sparkling Blue Smokey Eye makeup for Brown Eyes

There is no need to always do some boring or usual eye makeup for brown eyes when you can draw out beauty of your brown lenses with sparking blue eyeshadow. Dark blue is not what girls generally pick. However, this kind of makeup can make you look like a Style Diva at a special night party. Before I start share makeup tutorial,I want to make one thing clear that this kind of makeup is not good for day party. You should try them only at night.

How to Do Blue Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes?

Here are 8 steps that helps you create perfect Blue Smokey eyes.

  1. Prepare your eyes for makeup that’s mean application of foundation on eyes and eye concealer under eyes. You need to cover your eyes dark circles by applying eye concealer-shade of which should be brighter than your actual face shade.
  2. Pick blue shade and spread it smoothly on upper lid. Blend it with your Q-tip or eye brush, depending on your preference and routine makeup.
  3. Pick black eyeshadow and then mix it close to your eye crease with blue eyeshadow. It is good to make an outline, with black eye pencil, starts from inner corner of upper lid and end at Outer V of your eyes. Blend black shade in a smooth manner.
  4. Apply a little dark blue eyeshadow color close to your lower lashline.
  5. Fill waterline with black kohl.
  6. Use Eye Mascara for defining your eyelashes beauty to a great extent. It is good to go for double coat.
  7. It’s time to use glittery gel shade on your upper and lower eyelid.
  8. Give final touch to your eyes after checking it.

Amazing! You have done with sparkling blue smokey eye makeup for brown eyes. This seems to be a very fascinating idea for you. Don’t forget to try this party makeup.