Operation: Go To sanghoki Vegas

Okay, I need your help. We’re going to have to keep this on the down-low. As you have all likely read, the sanghoki crew is going to Vegas at the end of next month. Despite not having lived there in more than five years, I consider myself an honorary lifetime member of the G-Vegas crew, so it stands to reason that I should go as well.

There are two problems. 1) Finding a flight at a reasonable price. It will be tough, but doable. 2) Convicing Lady Luck that me going to Vegas is a good idea.

That’s where you come in. I have a few thoughts on how to accomplish this mission, but you might have some better suggestions.

Option 1: The Lie

Considering we’ve been married for just a few months now, I’m not sure this is even a reasonable option.

“Hello, Dear, I won’t be around a whole lot from June 27th to June 29th. I’ve got this big work thing going and it’s going to keep me really busy.”

Running a good bluff is hard. You have to pick the right spot against the right opponent at just the right time. Those of you who have met Lady Luck may know that she’s not likely the right opponent and I can assure you this isn’t the right time.

Option 2: The Beg

I’m not a proud man.

Option 3: The Trade

This one has promise. I’ll simply find out what good friend she’d like to visit and I’ll buy her a plane ticket there. It’s tit for tat. She likes to travel. I can’t imagine this would be the right occassion for her first trip to Vegas, so it’s more likely she’d like to go somewhere else.

Option 4: The Kidnapping

On the evening of June 26th, I simply up and disappear. Left behind is just a note suggesting I’ve been kidnapped and demanding some kind of ransom. I don’t think I’m worth a whole lot, so the note could ask for something like $10,000. That would be more than my wife could scrape together in a couple days (especially on a weekend) and give me plenty of time to “escape” my kidnappers by Sunday.


That’s the best I got. Maybe you’ve got something better. I’m really thinking about going with Option 3. My G-Vegas friends can tell you that anything titled “Option 4” is a bad idea. That’s a long story. A really long story, and one that should never been told. Nonetheless, something’s gotta break right. And if it does, I’ll be visiting Sin City for the first time in a long time.

Now about that flight…