Glossy Golden Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Do you need an idea of party makeup for brown eyes? I suggest you to think about golden eyes colors. Mostly girls think about pink, purple, cooper, black and other eyeshadow colors when it comes to brown eyes. But sometimes you should try to make the real style and beauty statement with unique colors such as golden. When you need to increase your face shine and beauty charm then you can go with this color.

How to Do golden Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes?

Follow 5 Steps and do the perfect brown eye makeup.

Step No.1 Prepare your eyes

Dark circles spoil beauty of your eyes, so it is good to cover them with eye concealer. Tap concealer under eyes and then blend it with your middle finger. Apply foundation for adding brightness impact.

Step No.2 Start with Eyeshadow

Pick your eyeshadow kit and choose bright golden color. You need to apply this shade on your upper eyelid  from inner lid to crease. I suggest you to use your ring finger for perfect finish and blend.

Step No.3 Define crease

This is an important part of your golden eye makeup for brown eyes. You need to use a little brown shade for defining crease line and outer V of eyes. Don’t go for very dark brown shade. Stick with medium shade. The basic idea is to add a little dramatic effect to your eyes.

Step No.4 Application for Lower Lashline

You need to pick a little gold eyeshadow and then define beauty from inner to outer lashline.

Step No.5  Kohl for Beauty

Use black kohl for filling your waterline.

Step No.4 Eyeliner Time

It’s time to use black eye liner and apply it from inner to outer upper lashline. You need to go for feline type eyeliner shape.

Step No.5  Mascara touch

You need to use two coat of black eye mascara that enhance volume of your eye lashes.

Step No.6 Brow beauty

You need to also enhance your brow beauty by using black brow pencil. Use it to fill any gap of your eyebrows.

Follow all these steps and do the perfect golden eye makeup for brown eyes.