Cool Nail Paint Ideas for Sizzling Hot Summer

Summer  has just started and chic girls always search for some cool paint ideas to try in this season. It is good to go for some soft colors such as beige, soft pink, lime, yellow,coffee, etc. If you are planning to update your wardrobe with trendy and cool shades for summer 2015 then I think you need to start reading this post.

Soft Yellow

When it comes to cool and soothing colors, then you should always consider yellow. Don’t go for very bright shade instead chooses a matte yellow with more whitish tone in it. Wear this nail paint with your yellow top of summer collection 2015.

Peach orange

It is one of the chicest nail paint ideas for summer. Don’t opt for orange as this seems too bright to wear in hot season. If you can’t go without orange then pick a pinkish orange nail paint.

Aqua Nail Paint Color

This seems to be very cool shade that you would love to add in your cosmetic cabinet. When you look at it, you feel that cool breeze is touching you. This feeling makes this color one of the awesome nail paint ideas.