Clean Master For Pc Download

Download Clean Master For Pc Clean Master is a professional tool to clean your hard disk for windows junk files, like recycle bin, temporary files, cookies, history, log files and auto complete from history of Firefox, internet explorer, safari, chrome and other browsers. Scanning more than five hundred famous program, the program locates junk files or cache produced by media, gaming, internet system process, clearing an average of 2GB of junk each day. Spam files take up precious storage and slow a PC performance. Clearing these files daily with clean Master for computer supports users reclaim storage space and improve PC speed.

Clean Master for PC

Clean Master for PC is easy and fast to use with an amazing user interface. With single touch, clean master will start its scan, showing to users the amount of trash noticed for each program, with the options to fast clear these bad files away. The colorful and dynamic design specs famous flat parts in the interface, presenting user easy icons of each program the program is scanning. Full, the program provides excellent cleaning experience that is safe and simple.

Maximum usability and best design

Clean Master for computer has a flexible and clear interface together with a new design that improves content. It is simple to use and understand, even for starters.
When the analysis is done, you are presented with 2 options for removing unnecessary files: you can press clean now to get rid of all junk files that are displayed, or you can manually get rid of specific files if you are just interested in certain categories.